Keepsake Box



Watchful Woodworks presents an exquisite keepsake box, inspired by the majestic ceremonial blankets of the indigenous peoples of Turtle Island. Hand crafted in intricate detail by an artisan descended from those same people, each Watchful Woodworks piece is created with heart and soul to ensure excellence. Yet within each item a purposeful imperfection remains – a metaphorical door through which the craftsperson’s spirit might pass; as if to say, “Alas I am finished with this work, but my spirit will not be trapped here.” Ashen, earthy colors swirl in intentional patterns on each box, reflecting the history and culture of its maker.

Owning one of these masterfully crafted measures of fine art would be a real privilege indeed! Each time you open your Watchful Woodworks box you can take solace in knowing that it was made with care to give honor to its heritage and allow it to live on for generations to come. This unique piece of art promises to add beauty and protection to your special mementos. With Watchful Woodworks, it’s not just a box – it’s a family heirloom.


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