Experience & Creativity

As a child I felt myself intertwined with nature, outside till the depth of night playing beside these lumbering ash trees and creating stick villages. It seems I have always been articulate with my hands. Crafting an object with your bare hands is one of the most cathartic feelings in the world. You can say my journey began as a young seedling, waiting and biding it’s time, growing ever so slowly to become a towering giant. I consider myself to be very poetic, I evoke my thoughts and artistic intent into each piece.


Each piece is meticulously designed to fit the function and aesthetic you desire. We begin with a simple consultation to figure out the best approach to bring your ideas into fruition. Then, I will draft up some sketches based on what you’re looking for, and we’ll collaborate to finalize a design you love. Then, I begin.


The pieces I craft come from nature, but if a flaw in the design or craftsmanship arises and it can not be fixed I will replace the piece, you only pay for shipping. I’m always available to assist you in the maintenance of the product to keep the wood in great condition.