Experience & Creativity

As a child, I felt deeply connected to nature – running through the fields and woods until day turned into night while creating my own little stick-worlds. This early passion has grown with me over time; it’s now become part of who I am as a maker, transforming raw materials into something that expresses all my thoughts and intent. It is an incredibly liberating experience! Like any sapling striving towards its destiny in life, so too have I journeyed from humble beginnings to reach ever greater heights with each piece crafted by hand along the way .


Every piece I create is crafted with precision and care, designed to capture both the functionality you need as well as a look that reflects your vision. It all starts with an in-depth consultation where I take on board your ideas before creating sketches for us to refine together until we end up crafting something truly special – making it yours!


My pieces are unique works of art that showcase the beauty that nature has to offer, even if they have natural imperfections. However, I guarantee their quality by offering replacements for any defective items – with you just covering shipping costs! Additionally, my customer service is always at your disposal should you need help maintaining the wood’s exceptional condition.